Monday, August 11, 2014

One Direction Live in Manila 2015

One Direction On The Road Again Tour 2015.

One Direction will be having a concert here in the Philippines next year, March 21st and 22nd 2015 at SM Moa Concert Grounds.

The English-Irish international pop sensation group is coming to Philippines for the very first time! Thanks to the promoters MMI Live, Ovation Productions and Futuretainment for inviting the world's most no. 1 best-selling artists!

One Direction has been a hit here in the country. Their songs, especially 'What Makes You Beautiful' and 'Best Song Ever' shook us like a storm. 

Don't miss this once in a lifetime experience! This will be the biggest concert scene ever next year. 

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Super Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan/Haian)

Philippines is now preparing for the Earth's most strongest and powerful storm this year 2013: the Super Typhoon Haiyan/Haian (locals named it as Yolanda). It is already in the Philippine's Area of Responsibility or PAR.

According to the Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC), it is a category 5 hurricane which exceeds 250 mph and called it as the strongest storm of this year in the world. 

This means that: “Catastrophic damage will occur: A high percentage of framed homes will be destroyed, with total roof failure and wall collapse. Fallen trees and power poles will isolate residential areas. Power outages will last for weeks to possibly months. Most of the area will be uninhabitable for weeks or months.”

"This is a very dangerous typhoon, local officials know where the vulnerable areas are and have given instructions on evacuations," state weather forecaster Glaiza Escullar told AFP. "There are not too many mountains on its path to deflect the force of impact, making it more dangerous." 

What worries me the most are the people affected by last month's 7.2 earthquake at Bohol and Cebu. They haven't been able to recupperate and now another calamity is coming at them and they can blame no one for it is Mother Nature's doing. 

Signal numbers had been issued to different areas in Philippines and the highest is Signal number 4.

Some Mayor in Metro Manila has already suspended the classes for today, Friday, Nov. 8 in their respective cities.

Let's pray for the Philippines and hope that there will be no casualties. 
Be safe everyone.

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OneRepublic Live in Manila 2013

I've known since last July 2013 that OneRepublic is coming here in Manila, Philippines on November. I've been saving up my money to buy tickets for their concert. I'm really really looking forward to their concert. 

And finally this October 31, I bought three tickets for my siblings and I to watch the show. The tickets were not the most expensive for I only had enough money to buy at least three and have some left for my allowance.

But for an unforeseen event, we received a news that shook us, one of our relative has died because of an complication to his liver. November 4 was the date he died, and November 6 was the date of the concert. How will we be able to watch the show knowing that we have a close relative that died? That's why we decided not to. It was only money, I don't care about the money. And maybe, just maybe, OneRepublic will come again someday here in the Philippines and I will, for sure, will be able to watch them perform live.

The Day GOD Took You, Goodbye Uncle Robert

At the dawn of 4th of November 2013, GOD took you. 

It was a shocking news to all of us, your family and relatives. You've only been confined for about one and a half days, but have been suffering longer than that, not because of a physical illness but of an emotional illness. We felt your pain, your pain that will not go away. For you can't help yourself to do the thing that your family and relatives told you not to do but we know that you tried and tried but sometimes you just can't control some things.

We know that you already asked for forgiveness from HIM (GOD). You've let yourself be at His mercy. We know that you're in good hands and He will take care of you. 

I hope that this Saturday, November 9, you will be watching us, your family and love ones, gathering together laying your casket on the ground with the look of happiness on your face, giving you to the hands of the Lord and be together with our grandmother and grandfather (your parents). It just shows that we love and cared for you.

May You Rest in Peace, Uncle Robert.
We love you. 

Friday, July 26, 2013

Thirty Seconds to Mars Live in Manila . 29 July 2011

Closer to the Edge World Tour. 29 July 2011 

30STM banner facing the concert area.


It's been almost two years, July 29, 2011, Friday. 
Concert of 30 STM in Manila at Trinoma Mindanao Parking!

Had a great, wonderful, and unforgettable concert I ever experienced.
Sang my heart out in the pouring rain at the concert together with my brother, sister and other fans.

We were drenched from head to toe throughout the concert. 
Thank God I haven't lost my voice from shouting and singing along!
Well, our camera got wet but it was worth it! We should have bought a water resistant camera. I'm glad that two of our tickets somewhat survived the rain! By the way, we were at the left side and near the front of the stage. We got lucky in our place, we heard and saw them clearly (gorgeous and talented guys!). 

My sister was so lucky! She got the chance to join Jared, Shannon, Tomo, and other Echelon on the stage while singing the last song which was Kings and Queens. She was beside Tomo during the song at the side, while all the others are standing and jumping on the front with Jared. After the song, Tomo gave the guitar pick to my sister! So lucky! It was surely a night I will never forget! (We don't have any upclose picture of Tomo, sayang!)
Jared Leto passionately strumming his guitar while the Echelon are singing the song.

Drenched tickets, guitar pick, baller and t-shirt (designed by yours truly).

Unforgettable experience. EPIC. haha.. the rainstorm didn't stop us from having fun. It even made the concert more unforgettable!

My sister, brother and I after the concert. Soaking wet.

 Thank you to Jared, Shannon, and Tomo!

1. Escape 
2. A Beautiful Lie 
3. Attack 
4. Search And Destroy 
5. This Is War 
6. 100 Suns 
7. Vox Populi (A Call To Arms) 
8. L490 
9. Hurricane 
10. Alibi 
11. The Kill 
12. Night Of The Hunter 
13. Closer To The Edge 
14. Kings And Queens

Provehito in altum.
₪ ø lll ·o.

Here are some other pictures taken at the concert:
Jared Leto upclose.
Shannon Leto upclose
Fans going wild.
(I wonder what happened to their cameras? Our got blurry, not useful anymore. but worth it!)
Photo taken by their production staff after the last song.
(We were at the left side.)